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München Airport Center (MAC)
München, Germany

Type Airport
Project New building
Execution 14.09.1999
Project amount 220.000.000 €
Area 50.000 m²
Architect Murphy/Jahn Architects

The heart of Munich airport

The airport of the Bavarian capital Munich bears the name “Franz Josef Strauß” and, with 42.3 million passengers in 2016, is one of the largest aviation hubs in Europe. In a nationwide comparison of passenger volumes, Munich ranks second.

The heart of Munich Airport, the Munich Airport Centre is a multifunctional service centre. 
The MAC forum is frequented by many thousands of people every day and offers shops and restaurants as well as a medical centre, office space, and the municon congress centre. The “Airbräu” pub attached to the MAC forum, with an attactive beer garden and of course its own brewery, is equally popular with national and international guests.

The visually impressive Munich Airport Center Forum was designed by architect Helmut Jahn, whose design was also used to build the Hilton Hotel in the immediate vicinity. With a total area of around 10,000 square metres, the MAC Forum is the largest covered space in Europe. Numerous events take place here, from polo tournaments and presentations of the latest car models to public viewing during football championships. The annual Christmas winter market is very popular, with numerous stalls and an ice rink for skating.

The gross floor area of the complex is 50,000 square metres, of which almost half, is office space.
The roof area, which is 41 metres above the ground, is 18,800 square metres with a span of 90 metres. The two L-shaped buildings each enclose the forum with the stately dimensions of 120 by 76 metres.

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Uni LH thermostat:
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AF thermostatic valves:
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