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Flypass 4TZ Connection unit with internal thread and union nut with sealing ring, flat sealing, PN 16
DN 15, DZR brass

Flypass 4TZ Connection unit

for shutting off, flushing, draining and venting the upstream supply and return pipes or the downstream system components. Convertible to bypass mode. The ball positions and thus the flow paths can be read off by the shape of the handle.

Application: Central heating and cooling systems (e.g. fan coil units, cooling ceiling modules, induction units, cooling and heating zones) with closed circuits, for operation with non-aggressive liquids (e.g. water or suitable water-glycol mixtures according to VDI 2035).

One side internal internal thread, one side union nut (flat sealing with enclosed sealing ring)

Material: DZR brass
Surface: Untreated
kvmax-Value: 22
Size: DN 15
Connection: External thread  / Internal thread
Item no.: 1149504
EAN: 4026755395921
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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