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Regumat S-180 DN 25 Station for unmixed heating circuits
with Grundfos ALPHA 2.1 25-60, pump ball valve and universal thermal insulation

Boiler connection system "Regumat S-180" DN 25
pump ball valve and universal insulation

Product assembly for the connection of the boiler to the pipework.

Consisting of: -Isolation device with 2 ball valves and 2 thermometers (without pressure relief device) -Wall bracket -Flanged pipe -Insulation -Check valve -Pump ball valve at the pump inlet -Distance piece

With universal thermal insulation of modular construction.

Any standard pump (DN 25, length 180 mm, G 1½ male thread) can be installed.

Suitable for the installation of the following high-efficiency pumps:

- Wilo-Yonos PARA - Wilo-Stratos PICO 25/1-4/6 - Wilo-Stratos ECO 25/1-5 - Grundfos ALPHA 25-40/60 - Laing series Ecocirc - Biral AX 13-1

On delivery, the supply pipe is on the right hand side. If required, the supply and the return pipe can be changed on site. The actuator can be mounted without tools - "plug & play".

Insulation: 248 x 465 mm Distance between pipe centres: 125 mm Length of product assembly: 411 mm

Connection: To heating circuit: G 1½ male thread, flat sealing To boiler: G 1½ male thread, flat sealing

Max. operating temperature 95 °C for high-efficiency pumps.

kvmax-Value: 7
Size: DN 25
Model: Unmixed heating circuit
Connection: External thread
Item no.: 1357073
EAN: 4026755423488
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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