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Regusol SH-180 station
with Wilo PARA 30-180/9-87/iPWM

For the connection of a solar circuit. The stations enable the solar circuit to be shut off on the supply and return side and prevent self-circulation via integrated check valves when the pump is switched off. 

The stations consist of a high-efficiency pump, ball valves with integrated check valves and thermometers in the supply and return, a safety group with safety valve, pressure gauge, fill and drain ball valve and connection possibility of an expansion tank, a flow measuring and regulating device with shutoff and fill and drain ball valve, a wall mounting device and a thermal insulation.

The Regusol pump circuits are characterised by a time and space saving installation. A high degree of functional reliability is ensured by maintenance-free components and high-quality materials.
  • Connection storage cylinder circuit: G 2 external thread, flat sealing
  • Connection solar circuit: G 2 external thread, flat sealing
  • Version: Two pipe
  • Nominal size: DN 32
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Max. operating temperature: 120 °C
  • Short-term starting temperature: 160 °C
  • Pump length: 180 mm
  • Measuring range of the flow measuring and regulating device: 10 - 40 l/min
  • Centre distance: 125 mm
  • Connection expansion tank: Cylindrical external pipe thread (G) according to EN ISO 228-1
  • Pump type: Wilo PARA 30-180/9-87/iPWM

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EAN: 4026755394320
Hersteller: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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