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“Regudrain” Flushing station for potable water systems

The Oventrop potable water technology “Aquanova-System” was extended by the DVGW certified flushing station.

The Oventrop flushing station “Regudrain” avoids a stagnation of hot and cold potable water in pipe sections with insufficient flow.
This way, an increased risk of legionella can be avoided in potable water systems which are not used during longer interruptions
of use which may, for instance, occur in a hotel if rooms are not occupied (for days or weeks), in a multiple dwelling if individual
dwellings are empty for several months or in a school’s gym during the holidays. 
The flushing intervals (according to time, volume
and/or temperature) are controlled via the integrated electronic controller “Regtronic HS” featuring a WLAN and LAN interface
as well as a switchable status output for the integration into a centralised building control system.

Oventrop offers two models of the DVGW certified flushing station:

- “Regudrain Uno” for the protection of one riser (PWC or PWH)
- “Regudrain Duo“ for the protection of two risers (PWC and PWH or two PWC or two PWH risers).

Technical and legal guidelines add more complexity to the design, realization and operation of potable water installations.
As a competent partner, we support you with innovative and certified products and system solutions.

published at: 26.05.2017

"Regudrain Duo" for the protection of two risers