Heating oil filter/heating oil deaerator "Toc-Duo-3"
G ⅜ F x G ⅜ M, "opticlean" MC-7, 5-20 µm

OVENTROP-Combination heating oil filter/heating oil deaerator "Toc-Duo 3"

For use in one pipe systems with return flow feed. For suction systems only. Deaerator body made of metal, filter cup and deaerator cap made of transparent plastic for easy function control.

The heating oil filter/heating oil deaerator features an isolation, a wall bracket and a filter cup.

Installation is possible below and above the oil level.

Max. nozzle capacity: 110 l/h EL type of heating oil Max. flow of returned heating oil: 120 l/h EL type of heating oil Min. deaeration capacity: 6 l/h air

Connections: Tank side: G ⅜ female thread for compression fittings 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm Burner side: G ⅜ male thread with inner taper for burner hoses with G ⅜ collar nut

Filter insert: „opticlean“ 5-20 μm

Item no.: 2142735
EAN: 4026755407693
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Dimensions of article
Length Width Height Weight
240 mm 165 mm 95 mm 0,91 kg
Packing units
Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 250 mm 175 mm 102 mm 1,1 kg
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ETIM 7.0 EC010080
Bucket filter, single
Property Value
Surface protection Untreated
Material quality Other
Right-angled model
Mounting Before pump
Article compression class PN 6
Mesh width of filter element 0.02 mm
Filter element material Other
Housing material Plastic
With drain possibility (connection)
With coupling
Nominal inner diameter DN 10
With filter element