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Heating oil deaerator "Toc-Uno-A"
G ¼ F x G ¼ F, including flexible hose

Heating oil deaerator "Toc-Uno-A"

For an automatic deaeration of heating oil installations. For use in one pipe systems with return flow feed. For suctions systems only. Body of deaerator made of metal with bracket for wall installation. Deaerator cap made of transparent plastic for easy function control.

Max. nozzle capacity: 110 l/h EL type of heating oil Max. flow of returned heating oil: 120 l/h EL type of heating oil Min. deaeration capactiy: 6 l/h air


Tank and burner side: G ¼ female thread

with the following accessories: 2 double nipples G ¼ male thread x G ⅜ male thread with inner taper for burner hoses with G ⅜ collar nut 1 flexible hose G ¼ male thread x G ⅜ collar nut, length 300 mm

----------: 2142900
----------: 4026755309874
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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