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Hydromat Differential pressure regulators

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Hydromat Differential pressure regulators

For automatic hydronic balancing of distribution pipes in central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits. The differential pressure control ensures hydronic balancing even at partial load and prevents high differential pressures in the controlled system section, e.g. at the radiator valve.
Y-pattern valve as proportional controller working without auxiliary energy. Infinitely adjustable nominal value. Nominal value can be blocked and read from outside at any time. With direct shutoff and the option of draining and filling. All functions accessible from the top.
Regulator body and all parts coming into contact with the medium made of bronze, cast iron, dezincification resistant brass or stainless steel. O-rings and diaphragm made of EPDM. Valve plug with soft seal. Maintenance-free spindle sealing. 
Hydromat differential pressure regulators are characterised by robust design and permanently reliable operation.

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