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Corona crisis – consequences of the lockdown for potable water hygiene

Although the transmission of Covid-19 through our potable water is extremely unlikely according to the current state of knowledge, interruptions in the use of the water impair the quality of potable water. Stagnant potable water in the pipes increases the risk of contamination and thus a possible legionella problem.

System operators are now particularly called upon to ensure the intended use of potable water installations by taking appropriate measures. For example, at least every three days (72-hour rule) all tapping points must be flushed at least until a constant temperature is reached so that the water in the pipes can be replaced. A temporary shutdown requires a microbiological control examination by an accredited laboratory even before re-commissioning.

All measures ultimately protect against increased contamination of the potable water, serve to ensure potable water quality and possibly avoid expensive follow-up costs.

Limiting the risk potential through germination as a precautionary measure

The Potable Water Ordinance places particular emphasis on prevention, and with good reason. Already during the planning of the plant, it must be ensured that the settlement and reproduction of microorganisms is not favoured.

We at Oventrop know that you cannot compromise on potable water hygiene. That is why we have developed the modular Aquanova system. To achieve this, we combine high-quality materials and pioneering technologies. Through a technically optimal distribution and heating of potable water water, we ensure the highest level of safety in the field of potable water technology.

Our compact Regumaq X fresh water stations heat potable water exactly when it is needed. This continuous flow principle is particularly hygienic - because when hot potable water is stored, large quantities of germs can develop, such as the dangerous legionella.

The heat exchanger with optional innovative and self-cleaning Sealix® protective layer provides additional safety at installation sites with critical water conditions and offers maximum safety for hot water preparation.

Our Regudrain hygienic flushing stations, also part of our Aquanova system, prevent stagnation of hot and cold drinking water in pipe sections with insufficient flow. An automatic flushing process can be triggered depending on time or temperature. Access to the station is possible via WLAN or LAN with an external device, such as a smartphone or laptop. The station can also be integrated into a superordinate building network and remotely controlled. The integration into a building automation system can be done via a switchable status output.

With our design software OVplan, the potable water installation can be optimally dimensioned in order to avoid stagnation in pipe sections and to support regular water exchange.

As a well-known brand manufacturer, our products and systems for the potable water sector are DVGW tested and approved. Only materials that comply with the UBA positive list are used in our DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production.

published at: 28.04.2020

Regumaq X Fresh water station Regumaq X Fresh water station

Regudrain hygienic flushing station Regudrain hygienic flushing station