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Sky Tower
Wroclaw, Poland

(Foto: © Kasiastock /Shutterstock)
Type Residential building
Project New building
Execution 04.10.2018
Architect FOLD SC
Designer GP Omega S.R.O., Dunajská Streda
/ Investor
LC Corp S.A., Wrocław

High, higher, Sky Tower

It is the highest, the only and most exclusive. The Sky Tower in the heart of Wroclaw bristles with superlatives. Constructed as a symbiosis of luxury and functionality by Leszek Czarneckis LC Corp. between 2007 and 2012, the second tallest building in Poland with a height of 212 m combines living, shopping and leisure – literally at the highest level.

The viewing platform on the 49th floor can be reached by elevator within one minute and offers an impressive view from Wroclaw’s only skyscraper. Many of the neighbouring international companies use the Sky Tower for the exclusive accommodation of their guests. The luxury apartments at a height of up to 200 m can be rented by tourists for one day or longer. Shops of known brands, spa and wellness facilities, excellent restaurants, jogging trails and a bowling centre with 24 lanes - just everything that makes life more pleasant - are accommodated on the lower floors of the complex.

The intelligent integration of different Oventrop systems allows for the automatic generation of a consistently pleasant living, shopping and work climate from the basement up to the 50th floor.

Perfect hydronic balancing with the help of smart Oventrop systems

Distribution of the heating or cooling water to the different heating and cooling circuits of the individual dwellings and commercial units is carried out with the help of the Oventrop stainless steel distributor/collectors “Multidis SF”. The volume flow is reliably kept at the calculated level by the integrated flow measuring and regulating devices.

Hydronic balancing of the risers and the individual heating and cooling circuits is carried out by the Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves “Hydrocontrol VTR” and “Hycocon VTZ”.

The differential pressure in the individual risers is kept at a constant level with the help of the Oventrop differential pressure regulators “Hydromat DTR”. The result: Hydronic balancing of all heating and cooling circuits on all floors allows for a constant supply of all terminal units, irrespective of their distance to the central heating or cooling system - even in case of load changes when switching from setback to heating operation and vice versa.

Individual comfortable temperatures are guaranteed this way – at even low fluctuations which allows for energy savings of up to 10 % related to the nominal temperature.