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my4walls Serviced Apartments
Hamburg, Germany

my4walls Serviced Apartments
Type Residential building
Project New building
Execution 2017-2018
Architect Mevius Mörker Architekten, Hamburg
Designer HKP Ingenieure, Hamburg
/ Investor
ISARIA Objekt Kapstadtring 1 GmbH, Hamburg

Comfortable temporary living within my4walls Serviced Apartments

Anyone travelling for business over weeks or even months, appreciates the advantages of a temporarily rented apartment over a hotel room, especially if the apartment is not only attractively located but also meets the highest demands on living comfort.

Just as the my4walls Serviced Apartments in the Hamburg district of Winterhude. Directly opposite the city park covering 150 hectares and next to the airport and city centre, the 12-storey completely refurbished former office building from the sixties now offers 143 exclusive apartments and suites with an area of 25m² to 39m².

The project developer and investor, the ISARIA Wohnbau AG, invested 31 million Euros in the reconstruction of the building and thought of everything: 150 parking spaces, a 24 h reception, a breakfast buffet and bar with fresh snacks, a fitness area, a laundry and ironing room, digital premium equipment and self storage units for long-term tenants are available.

Whoever returns after a stressful day, really feels at home, not least thanks to the sophisticated heating concept which is controlled with the help of a special model of the Oventrop “Regudis W” dwelling stations.

An optimum support and training of the processing companies throughout the project was provided by Oventrop on site. Not only planning and calculation were carried out by Oventrop, but the engineers on site were also intensively supported.

Surface heating control is carried out by the Oventrop dwelling stations “Regudis W” with a flow temperature of 35 °C. The stations provide for a constant room temperature throughout the year, irrespective of the time of day and season.

Integration of an additional heating circuit for convectors

The special “Regudis W” dwelling station serves the parallel operation of an additional heating circuit for convectors in the bathroom and, if required, in the living room. The flow temperature of 55 °C in the heating circuit guarantees that the comfort temperature of the guest is reached within a very short time – whether after a shower or when relaxing on the sofa, whether at 5 o’clock in the morning or 11 o’clock in the evening.

Hot potable water preparation could also be solved optimally: The potable water is heated locally and just in time via a heat exchanger in the “Regudis W” dwelling station so that a hot potable water reserve, the mandatory test for legionella and – in case of potable water pipes with a content of less than 3 litre- a circulation pipe are no longer necessary.

Furthermore, the dwelling station “Regudis W” does not only save space but also costs compared to wall-attached heating devices and gas flow heaters. The station convinces with reduced installation and maintenance work and individually adjustable functions.