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SC Star Transmission SRL
Sebes, Romania

Type Industrial warehouse
Project New building
Execution 2014-2018
Architect Strabag, CONNA
Designer DAS Instalatii, Data Instal, TBE Technologie, Loial Impex
/ Investor
Daimler Chrysler Automotive / STAR ASSEMBLY

SC Star Transmission SRL

Star Transmission – Romanian Daimler subsidiary expands its production

International production networks are behind international brands which also applies to the Mercedes-Benz Cars Powertrain production network: It implements the Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy of a consequent customer and market oriented production and consists of different locations in Germany, the U.S.A., China and Romania.

Since 2001, the Daimler Chrysler subsidiary Star Transmission SRL has been producing components for motors, gearboxes and steering systems in the city of Sebes with its 20,000 inhabitants in the heart of Romania. Since 2018, the dual-clutch gearbox 7G-DCT is also assembled in Sebes which allowed for an economical and flexible supplement to the production of this component at the headquarters in Untertürkheim. More than 500 new and qualified jobs could be created with the 300 million € investment. Supported by the Romanian government, young people receive a dual education following to the Baden-Württemberg model, for instance as electrician and model caster. At present, Star Transmission has more than 1,200 employees.

Valves and ball valves for any application

he reliable top quality production in Sebes is also supported by the complex heating, cooling and production systems which are equipped with high quality products and systems of the company Oventrop.

Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves of the “Hydrocontrol” series are used for the control of the cooling water pipes and the Oventrop brass ball valves “Optibal” for the isolation of pipes transporting water, gas and other fluids. Oventrop fill and drain ball valves “Optiflex” are used for filling and draining of heating systems and thermostatic valves and butterfly valves are used as supplement.