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Hydrocor HS Solar buffer storage cylinders

Solar buffer storage cylinders for the storage of heating water with additional internal tube heat exchanger for the connection to a solar thermal system. Additional heat generators, such as conventional boilers, heat pumps, solid fuel boilers or solar thermal systems can be connected.

The solar buffer storage cylinders have a separating sheet in the upper third of the cylinder for better separation of the standby volume. The loading and unloading connections are equipped with baffle plates, one unloading connection has an internally raised connection pipe for withdrawal in the upper standby volume. Additionally there is a connection for an electric immersion heater and an air vent connection at the torispherical head. Temperature sensors can be positioned at lateral sensor clamps.

The storage cylinders are particularly energy efficient due to a fibre fleece insulation (energy efficiency class C) or a composite insulation (energy efficiency class A).