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Actuator 230 V, running time 140 s, torque 5 Nm
for Regumat M3 stations for heating circuits DN 20/25/32, with fixed flow temperature value control

The NR24-CT OV actuator with fixed flow temperature control is used for the motorised actuation of three- and four-way mixing valves and keeps the setpoint temperature in a heating system constants. If a deviation is detected with the PT 1000 temperature sensor, the control in the actuator activates a mounted mixing-valve accordingly.

The flow temperature rises when the actuator turns clockwise until the motor end stop is reached (supply open, bypass closed). The flow temperature decreases when the actuator turns anticlockwise until the opposite end stop is reached (supply closed, bypass open).

The angle of rotation is limited to 90°. When the end stops are reached, the actuator is switched off electrically and is de-energised. If the control system malfunctions, the actuator can be set to manual mode using an additional rotary knob.

Four DIP switches are located under a transparent red cover. These DIP switches can be used to set the control sensivity, four different temperature ranges and the direction of rotation.

By setting the control sensitivy, the reaction of the actuator to a temperature change at the sensor can be selected according to the inertia of the system. The four temperature ranges are used to limit the adjustable temperature (20 °C to 80 °C, 0 °C to 95 °C, 60 °C to 85 °C, 25 °C to 45 °C). This prevents malfunctions caused by selecting a temperature that is too high or too low. The temperature display shows the temperature value currently measured at the sensor. While adjusting the setpoint, the display shows the set setpoint.

For subsequent installation in the Regumat M3 stations DN 25 manufactured from 2015 onwards, the mounting set for actuators, item no. 1350290, is also required.

Technical data:

Operating voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
Power consumption: 2.5 W
Torque: 5 Nm
Running time: 140 s
Ambient temperature: 0 °C to+50 °C
Length of connecting cable: 1.7 m

Art.No.: 1351055
EAN: 4026755454840
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


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