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Tacker hook for Cofloor tacker system
made of plastic, for pipes 14 - 20 mm, connected with adhesive tape, 1 magazine = 30 pieces

The Cofloor tacker system consists of base mat rolls or folded boards, pipes and tacker hooks. This system can be used for new construction and renovation. The base mat rolls and the folded boards made of expanded polystyrene are provided with a laminated tissue foil and have an imprinted laying grid (grid distance 5 cm).

Fastening of the Oventrop Copex PE-Xc, Copert PE-RT plastic pipes or the Copipe HSC multi-layer composite pipes (14 mm, 16 mm and 17 mm) is carried out by means of tacker hooks or alternatively by means of self-adhesive clamping rails made of polypropylene. The base mat rolls and folded boards are laid out on the raw concrete or, if necessary, on the additional insulation.

The Cofloor tacker system enables inexpensive, quick and easy laying of the individual components. The clear picture of the laying grid facilitates a straight pipe guidance when fixing the pipe with the handy Oventrop tacker machine. Particularly suitable for standard-compliant concrete screed or liquid screed.
No longer produced
Art.No.: 1402591
EAN: 4026755306569
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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Dimensions of article

Length Width Height Weight
178 mm 40 mm 42 mm 0,05 kg

Packing units

Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 178 mm 40 mm 42 mm 0,05 kg
Carton 10 198 mm 192 mm 101 mm 0,56 kg
Carton 200 400 mm 400 mm 500 mm 11,34 kg


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System illustration


ETIM 7.0 EC011322
Anchor clip floor mounted pipe
Property Value
Number of tubes 1
Material Plastic
Suitable for pipe diameter 14 - 20
Suitable for concrete
Suitable for wood
Type fastening Barbs
Suitable for EPS