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pinox. The Thermostat

pinox. The Thermostat

The quotation “form follows function” comes from the famous American
architect Louis Sullivan (1856-1924). The form or structure of an object
shall therefore derive from its function. This idea also influenced the
design of the new Oventrop thermostat „pinox“.

Inspired by the language of form for modern furnishings, the „pinox“
thermostat displays special features. The “pinox” represents a functional
and accomplished thermostat. The lever facilitates an easy and precise
temperature setting. The operation and display are excellent and the
nominal values are easily set. The „pinox“ is recommended for the
modern living room design, especially in combination with the „Series E“
radiator valve programme or the „Multiblock T/TF“ connection fittings.

The „pinox“ was awarded with the prize “Design Plus”.

published at: 04.12.2016

„pinox“ chrome plated „pinox“ chrome plated

„pinox“ white „pinox“ white

pinox. The Thermostat pinox. The Thermostat