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Buffer storage cylinder "Hydrocor - HP" Type 1000

Heating water buffer storage cylinder made of steel for the connection of different heat generators (e.g. solar, solid fuel, heat pump or classic boilers).

Separation sheet in the upper third of the storage cylinder for an improved separation of the part in stand-by motion and the heating water. Connections equipped with buffles. With connection facility for a "Regumaq" station.

Total height (without insulation): 2058 mm Total height (with insulation): 2110 mm Diameter (without insulation): 790 mm Max. pivot height: 2100 mm Weight (including insulation): approx. 134 kg

Nominal content: 900 litres Fire protection class according to DIN 4102: B1 Insulation: 100 mm fibre fleece Max. operating pressure: 3 bar Operating temperature: 95 °C
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