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Tank filling limiters

The switching amplifier of the tank truck in conjunction with the tank filling limiter prevents overfilling of the tank. The tank filling limiter is a “sensor for tanks with current interface as part of an overfill protection system of type B and design B1 according to EN 13616”. All tank filling limiters are TÜV tested and are marked with CE sign.

The 2 types differ in the connection fitting:
Type 21300 with fitting for pipe mounting (904), preferred for underground tanks according to e.g. DIN 6608, DIN 6616, DIN 6617, EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2, DIN 6624, DIN 6619, DIN 6623, and DIN 4119.

Type 21301 with fitting for wall mounting (905), cable length approx. 5 m, preferred for above ground tanks according to e.g. DIN 6620, DIN 6625, EN 12573 parts 1-3, EN 13341 parts 1-3, EN 13121 parts 1-3 and battery tanks with general type approval up to 25 single tanks.

A tank filling limiter of type 21301 is also included in the Flexo-Bloc item no. 2052351.