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Mounting channel
for Unibox, made of galvanised sheet steel

Fixing channel for "Unibox" Depth: 57 mm

For heavyweight and lightweight walls, made of galvanised steel sheet for pipework installation out of the ground into the wall to the "Unibox". Assembly without screws or rivets. Adaptation to the installation height via an adjustable extension. The adaptation to the installation depth for heavyweight walls is carried out by use of elbows. The fixing channel of lightweight walls is screwed directly onto the profiles. Additional cut-outs in the reverse side of the fixing channel allow the connection of the "Unibox" even from an adjoining room. The "Unibox" has to be mounted in the fixing channel only shortly before plastering commences. An exact installation of the "Unibox" is guaranteed by the variable installation options. The connection openings (rated bread points) of the fixing channel allow the connection of all remote controls and remote sensors (mechanical or electric).

Height: extendible between 440 mm and 490 mm Width: 160 mm

Item no.: 1022653
EAN: 4026755394139
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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