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Heat exchanger system "Regusol X-Uno 25"
25 kW, with controller "Regtronic RX" and Wilo-Yonos high-efficiency pumps

"Regusol X-Uno 25" Station with heat exchanger

Product assembly with electronic controller, with heat exchanger for the controlled transmission of the heat of the solar circuit (primary circuit) to a monovalent storage cylinder (secondary circuit).

The stations with heat exchanger "Regusol X" are additionally equipped with an Oventrop controller "Regtronic RX".

Capacity: 25 kW

Connections: Primary side: G 1 "Regusol" compression fittings Secondary side: G 1 flat sealing

Primary circuit up to PN 10 and 120 °C. Starting temperature 160 °C. Secondary circuit up to PN 6 and 120 °C constant operation.

With Wilo-Yonos high efficiency pumps Primary side: ST PWM 15/7 Secondary side: RS PWM 15/7 constant operation.

kvmax-Value: 2,4
Size: DN 25
Item no.: 1361060
EAN: 4026755401998
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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