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OKF Roof hooks for pan tiled roofs
for high snow load, stainless steel, set = 4 roof hooks

Roof hooks made of stainless steel "OKP"

for pan tiled roofs, for high snow load stressing, basic set = 4 roof hooks

Roof hooks to be screwed to the side rails. Roof hook reinforced against torsion with high resilience. The side rails of the vacuum tube collector can be easily screwed to the roof hooks from the side.

The maximum permissible span of the roof hooks depends on the snow and wind load stressing zone and is related to each individual collector. Calculations according to DIN 1055- 4 and DIN 1055 - 5. Please contact Oventrop for information on higher capacities. A suitable fixing base which can absorb the emerging forces (weight, wind and snow load stressing) is paramount for correct usage.

Item no.: 1361262
EAN: 4026755350753
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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