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OV-Flex ST Stainless steel corrugated pipe 2 in 2
DN 16, length per roll 25 m

"OV-Flex ST" Stainless steel pipe "2 in 2"

Quick mounting pipe for a flexible roof conduit and the connection of the collector field to the pipe system.

Supply and return in a two-part high temperature- resistant insulating covering with a UV-resistant foil coating. 2-core sensor cable inside the insulation covering for the connection of a temperature sensor (e.g. PT1000).

The stainless steel corrugated pipes may be cut to the required length. Flat seals, collar nuts and spacer rings are included.

one port 22 mm stainless steel nipple one port G ¾ collar nut, flat sealing

Lenght per roll: 25 m

Continuous operating temperature: 150 °C, for short periods up to 175 °C

Item no.: 1361652
EAN: 4026755350852
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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