The new "Cocon QTZ" PN 25

Pressure independent flow limitation and flow control

New valve generation "Cocon QTZ" by Oventrop

The combination consists of a flow regulator with manually adjustable nominal value and a differential pressure independent regulating valve. The valve which is made of dezincification resistant brass can be equipped with an actuator, a temperature controller or a manual head with connection thread M 30 x 1.5. The "Cocon QTZ" allows for the control of the temperature of terminal units and sections of the system in chilled ceilings, fan coil units, fan convectors and central and surface heating and cooling systems.

The "Cocon QTZ" combines several valve functions. The new generation distinguishes itself by higher flow capacities (approx. + 25%) than usual for this type of valve. The maximum permissible operating pressure amounts to 25 bar and the maximum differential pressure to 6 bar. Even where high differential pressure variations occur, the differential via the regulating cross-section of the valve is kept at an almost constant level. This way, the high valve authority amounts to 100% (a= 1) within the effective valve lift. Automatic hydronic balancing is carried out by setting the required flow rate. Even if the installation is extended or modified, the installed valves do not require a readjustment as the set flow rate will be kept constant.

Due to its compact construction, the "Cocon QTZ" can also be installed where space is limited. Moreover, sections of the system in front of the valve and behind it as well as complete sections of the system can be filled, bled, flushed and drained with the help of the "Cocon QTZ" valve.

"Cocon QTZ" PN 25 – Advantages at a glance

  • increased flow ranges by approx. 25%
  • pressure independent flow control
  • high valve authority (a=1)
  • direct presetting in l/h
  • linear characteristic of the control valve
  • increased differential pressure up to 6 bar
  • increased pressure rating PN 25
  • compact design