Energy storage centre “Regucor WHS“ type 500 with A label, Front view and rear view with insulation layers

“Increased energy efficiency with A label” – The new energy storage centre “Regucor WHS” type 500

The new Oventrop energy storage centre “Regucor WHS” type 500 with A label insulation allows for an energy efficient storage and distribution of hot water.

The energy storage centre “Regucor WHS” type 500 of modular construction consists of a buffer storage cylinder with highly efficient vacuum compound insulation, add-on groups for heating circuit, potable water and solar thermal energy, a system controller as well as connections for the heat generator. It serves the storage of hot water supplied by solar thermal heat generators or by heat generators working with fossil fuels. Furthermore, it serves the distribution of hot water to the heating or potable water system of detached and semi-detaches houses according to requirements. System management is carried out by the integrated Oventrop system controller.

According to the directive (EU) no. 812/2013, the energy storage centre complies with the energy efficiency class A rating – which was verified and measured according to DIN EN 12977 by an independent test institute. The result is due to the highly efficient vacuum compound insulation with a thickness of 150 mm guaranteeing the lowest possible loss of energy during hot water storage.
In comparison with the current standard buffer storage cylinder complying with the energy efficiency class C rating, the heat loss may be reduced by about half. Moreover, the ErP system assessment is significantly improved by using the Oventrop energy storage centre “Regucor WHS” type 500.