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HydroControl MTR Venturi Balancing Valve (lead free)
DN 50, NPT 2"

Venturi balancing valve (lead free) for the hydronic balancing of pipelines in closed central heating and cooling systems. Optional flow measurement, for example with the OV-DMC3 measuring system. Installation in supply or return.
Flow optimised Y-pattern housing. Valve insert with continuous, superfine presetting and non rising handwheel. Externally visible presetting value. Reproducible, lockable and sealable presetting position as standard. All functions operable from handwheel side. Fitted with two pressure test valves as standard. Valve housing and insert made of brass, lead free ≤0.25% Pb, compliant with ANSI/NSF 372 lead free standard. Maintenance free, double spindle sealing.
Inlet and outlet with internal threads to NPT.

Size: 2” (DN50)
Connection: 2“ internal threads to NPT
Cv value: 35.3

- Operating temperature: -4…302°F (-20…150°C)
- Operating pressure: max. 363 psi (25 bar)

- Regulate
- Presetting
- Shutoff
- Measuring

- Housing: cast brass, lead free ≤0.25% Pb
- Insert: brass, lead free ≤0.25% Pb
- O-ring seals: EPDM
- Seat seal: PTFE
- Handwheel assembly: PA6
Art.No.: 1660416
EAN: 4026755421248
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


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