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One pipe valves with shutoff

The Bypass Combi Uno system is used in one pipe central heating systems with forced circulation, with ring circuits up to 8000 watts, regardless of the type of heating. 

The one pipe valves and connection pieces allow for an efficient, cost-saving installation and easy dimensioning of one pipe heating systems. The infinitely presettable bypass allows for an optimal economical design of the entire heating system. The radiator fitting of the one pipe connection piece can be either a brass fitting or an insulating fitting. The insulating fitting largely prevents even small radiators from heating up due to the heat flow through the radiator fitting when the thermostatic valve is closed. The possibility of shutting off the supply and return to the radiator means that it can also be removed while the heating system is running.

A one pipe connection piece, a connecting pipe and a reversed angle valve, a double angle valve or a straight valve with elbow, as well as a compression fitting set are required for the implementation. If the thermostat is to face forward, the double angle valve or the straight valve with elbow must be selected instead of the reversed angle valve. The thermostat must be ordered separately.