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Manual regulating valves

The manual regulating valves for radiators can be used in one and two pipe central heating systems. They enable precise manual regulation of the room temperature. The heat output of the radiator is proportional to the setting of the handwheel. This sensitive regulation is achieved by a specially shaped valve plug. The presetting is infinitely variable. It is concealed and can be adjusted easily, quickly and precisely with a screwdriver. This makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to change the setting. The valve body is identical to other Oventrop thermostatic valves. This enables the possibilty of subsequent conversion to thermostatic operation by replacing the valve inserts. With the special tool Demo-Bloc the conversion can be carried out without draining the heating system.

The HRV manual regulating valves with presetting ensure exact hydronic balancing of the system. They offer good manual regulation and also the possibility of a later, problem-free and inexpensive conversion to thermostatic operation.