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Our dwelling stations are the latest in modern installations

Regudis W-HTE, our dwelling station, allows for the control of your hot potable water system using state-of-the-art technology: Decentralised hot potable water systems with dwelling stations are considered a small system. As a result, they are not subject to regular legionella tests under the German Drinking Water Ordinance (Trinkwasserverordnung). Decentralised hot potable water systems are considered particularly hygienic. Better for you to be safe than sorry.
Our Regudis W-HTE is a pioneering system solution. What does that mean for you? You only have to familiarise yourself with one product and can extend it with different modules. You can customise the station for new applications or supplement it with other functionalities, e.g. by adding a instantaneous water heater module or our Duo Heating Circuit Separator Module. We even make installation simple for you: Regudis W-HTE has a straightforward design suitable for quick installation.
Our Regudis W-HTE is also a leading technology when it comes to hydronic indexes: Regudis W-HTE is currently the benchmark for pressure loss, output and the low system temperature required. Other products on the market do not achieve the same results. An intelligent insulation concept together with our dwelling stations allows for energy-efficient operation and thus ultimate comfort for your customers.

The benefits of Regudis W-HTE dwelling stations

for installers:
  • Simple installation: requires only three supply lines
  • Safe and hygienic thanks to the decentralised hot potable water system based on the flow principle
  • System solution: can be extended, e.g. with a instantaneous water heater module
  • Compact design: depth of 110 mm
  • Innovative heat exchanger with Sealix® protective seal for additional safety for locations with critical water infrastructures
for consultants
  • Secure dimensions for large potable water installations: proven operational and planning reliability
  • Safe and hygienic thanks to the decentralised hot potable water system based on the flow principle
  • Higher operational efficiency even with low-temperature systems
  • Smart insulation concept: components for hot and cold water are separate
  • High output even with lower supply flow temperature
  • Optimized performance even with pressure loss
my4walls Serviced Apartments Hamburg

Hygienic potable water.
Custom-built control.

Comfort is the main priority: The my4walls serviced apartments in Hamburg’s Winterhude district offer residents the best of everything. And that includes potable water hygiene and an ideal room temperature. This project used a custom-made Regudis W dwelling station.

Need modules to extend a dwelling station?
Efficient reheating control.

If you need to reheat your potable water, consider extending your Regudis W-HTE with our instantaneous water heater module. If you operate an air-water heat pump, for example, it only has to generate the supply flow temperature for the heating system. The instantaneous water heater module is compatible with Regudis W-HTE. We make it easy for you.
Duo-Modul Heizkörper

Separating heating circuits?
Safely under control with this module.

Want to separate the heating circuit in an apartment from the building’s circuit? Our Duo Heating Circuit Separator Module safely separates the systems for the operation of district heating, for example. Separate circuits are extra safe in the event of any leaks.

Decentralised hot potable water system: modern and safe

The Drinking Water Ordinance was amended in 2011. Potable water heating has been reconceptualised ever since. The reason? The Drinking Water Ordinance distinguishes between large and small systems. A large system contains a central storage potable water heater with a capacity of more than 400 litres or a pipe between the potable water heater and the last point of use that exceeds three litres. This is usually the case in buildings with more than three apartments.
The potable water from such large systems must be tested under law at least every three years for bacteria including legionella. These tests are expensive and time-consuming. If certain values are exceeded, health officials must be notified and a risk analysis will have to be performed, which often involves additional costs.
The advantage of small systems is that they can be operated without having to satisfy any other criteria. This has led to the increased popularity of decentralised hot potable water systems in recent years. Dwelling stations are the perfect solution, since they are installed in the apartment and generally contain less than three litres until the point of use. Water and heat meters can also be installed via built-in adaptors, and billing can be arranged per apartment.
Aquanova System

Under control with our system.

Potable water hygiene is becoming increasingly important. For planners and installers, safety and reliability are key issues for the installation of potable water systems. Our Aquanova potable water technology system deals with these demands. And we adapt our system to ever-changing needs.

Clean design?
Supported by us.

You want to design systems with the Regudis W dwelling station? It's very easy with our OVplan planning software. If you want, we can do the design for you – just contact us. For further information and our current regional offers, please contact your local Oventrop contact person directly.

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