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Jaguar Land Rover i54 Factory
Wolverhampton, Great Britain

Type Industrial warehouse
Project New building
Execution 2015-2017
Designer Interserve Construction
/ Investor
Jaguar Landrover

Oventrop has worked with Arup, Interserve and NG Bailey to design, supply and install seven complete solar thermal water heating systems using OVsol and TSOL software for Jaguar Land Rover's new i54 plant , a £500 million machinery manufacturing centre in Wolverhampton.

In total, the production halls are fully equipped with more than 120 square metres of OKF CK 22 rooftop flat-plate collectors, HSK-SLS hygiene combi storage cylinders, Regusol pump groups DN 32, Regtronic solar controllers, HydroControl STR double regulating and commissioning valve, Tyfocor solar liquid and 449 Sontex Supercal heat meters. 

The plant will house the new “Ingenium motor family” which will power a new generation of Jaguar Land Rover products designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK. Starting with the Jaguar XE two-litre diesel engine, the plant will employ over 1400 people.