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Airport Viracopos
Campinas, Brasil

Type Airport
Project New building
Execution 2014
Designer Thermec Engenharia e Ar Condicionado Ltda.
/ Investor

Airport Viracopos

Brazil, the largest South American country, has a number of airports of different sizes. One of them is Viracopos, an international commercial airport in Campinas and the largest air cargo centre in South America in terms of area. The airport was expanded in 2014 after the number of passengers continued to increase - today it serves more than 50 destinations.

In order to provide passengers with an optimal climate on the premises, state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems were installed as part of the expansion. To ensure that these can be operated efficiently and sustainably, a total of 460 Cocon Q pressure independent control valves in various nominal sizes (DN 15 to DN 125) were used. The aim was to regulate the flow volume dynamically and directly at the respective heating or cooling equipment (decentalised) in such a way that the energy used is utilised in the best possible and uniform way. In addition, almost 30 HydroControl double regulating and commissioning valves were used.

Cocon Q pressure independent control valves and Aktor M electromotive actuators

To ensure that the volume flows in heating and cooling systems can be optimally controlled for full load and partial load operation, various electromotive actuators of the Aktor M type were also used in conjunction with the Cocon Q valves. These actuators can be used, among other things, in conjunction with the Cocon Q valves for fast switching processes in heating and cooling systems as well as for fast two point control circuits such as fan coil units, induction units, small reheaters and coolers. The actuator impresses with its short operating time and thus with its quick adaptation to the operating conditions. The Aktor M 2P and Aktor M 3P actuators were installed in the building. Two versions of each are available - with 230 V or 24 V connection.

Optimum regulation with HydroControl double regulating and commissioning valves

In addition, with the HydroControl double regulating and commissioning valves, we offer further solutions with which the specifications of the VOB DIN 18380 can be optimally fulfilled. Because hydronic balancing is an important factor when it comes to operating an efficient system. The calculated volume flow or pressure loss could thus be precisely adjusted for each riser in the new building. Yet the valve with flanged/externally threaded connection can do much more. No less than five functions can be covered: Presetting, measuring, shutting off, filling and draining. It can be installed in either the supply or the return pipe.