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Steigenberger Hotel Munich
München, Germany

Type Hotel
Project New building
Execution 2017-2018
Designer Pfeil + Partner Ingenieure, Berlin
Plumber H.I.T. Haus- und Industrietechnik GmbH, Dachau
/ Investor
Steigenberger Hotels AG, Frankfurt

The Steigenberger Hotel Group opens its first hotel in Munich in December 2017

As part of an extensive refurbishment, the former office building has been transformed into a feel-good hotel with a total of 292 rooms and suites, restaurant, bar and a 1,200 square metre conference area. A 300 square meter wellness and fitness landscape also invites you to relax.

During the planning phase and the execution, the highest value was placed on an optimal air-conditioning of the rooms and a hygienically flawless potable water installation. Thus, the hotel operator placed the highest demands on the planning and execution company.

The air conditioning of the hotel rooms is provided by fan coils. The fan coils provide heating in the cold months and cooling in the warm months, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate for hotel guests and staff at all times of the day.

To ensure this, a flawless, energy-efficient and hydronically optimally balanced heating and cooling system is required.
The Oventrop Flypass 4TZ connection fitting for connecting the heating and cooling modules in the hotel rooms and conference rooms distributes the energy efficiently and optimally by means of constant flow control.
Thanks to its flexible installation position, the Oventrop Flypass fitting could be easily installed in any position. The combination of the different fittings for balancing, shutting off, flushing, draining and protection against dirt could be installed easily and in a time-saving manner by specialist tradespeople. 

Thanks to the dynamic Cocon QTZ pressure independent control valve, it is ensured that there is no oversupply of the heating or cooling elements even in partial load operation. This prevents rooms from overheating or undercooling. The strainer in the Flypass connection fitting protects the heating or cooling element from dirt from the pipe system.

An actuator in combination with the Cocon QTZ pressure independent control valve and a room thermostat for individual room temperature control ensures that the corresponding hydraulic circuit is switched on depending on the heating and cooling requirements. In this way, each hotel guest can set his or her individually desired room temperature.

The potable water system was also renewed as part of the renovation. Potable water is the most important foodstuff and is subject to particularly strict controls in Germany.
The Aquastrom T plus thermal circulation valves used from the Oventrop Aquanova system ensure that the highest possible hygiene requirements are also met for the potable water. This also requires hydronic balancing in potable water systems.

The Oventrop circulation valves without dead space prevent the stagnation of potable water and undesired temperatures in system sections and thus fulfil all necessary requirements.