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for return stratification ball valve

Actuator for return stratification ball valves, item no. 1381191, 1381192, 1381193 and 1381194. For temperature-dependent stratification of the return water in the lower or central storage cylinder section.

Technical data:

Nominal voltage: 230 V AC
Nominal voltage frequency: 50/60 Hz
Functional range: 85...265 V AC
Power consumption operation: 4.5 W
Power consumption idle position: 1 W
Power consumption dimensioning: 8 VA
Connection power supply/control cable: 1 m, 3 x 0.75 mm²
Torque actuator: min. 16 Nm
Running time actuator: 20 s/90°
Sound power level actuator: 55 dB(A)
Safety protection class: II with protective insulation
Protection type: IP 54

Art.No.: 1381199
EAN: 4026755431742
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


Dimensions of article

Length Width Height Weight
200 mm 100 mm 70 mm 1 kg

Packing units

Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 210 mm 105 mm 90 mm 1,05 kg


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ETIM 7.0
Property Value
Width 93 mm
Model Rotating
Height 86 mm
Depth 163 mm
Control signal 2-10 V
Material housing Plastic
Ambient temperature -30 - 50
Manual operation
Length of connection cable 1 m
Degree of protection (IP) IP54
Regulation type on/off
Auxiliary contacts optional
Connection to stop valve Other
With mechanical setting indicator
Position reporting system Optional
Operating time 20 s
Torque 16 Nm
Suitable for valve
Max. electric power input 8 VA
Max. angle of rotation 90 °
Transmission With cogwheels
Allowable relative humidity 0 - 95
Supply voltage 230 V AC
End contacts None