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Regudis W-HTE Electronic dwelling stations

For the supply of individual dwellings or commercial units with heating water, as well as with hot and cold potable water. The required heat is provided by a central heat supply. Hot potable water is prepared decentrally via a plate heat exchanger according to the continuous flow principle. When selecting the dwelling station, it is necessary to consider the water quality of the area of use.

The stations consist of a plate heat exchanger, a control valve with integrated differential pressure and volume flow control, an actuator with integrated potable water temperature control, a volume flow sensor, a temperature sensor, a filter insert, spacers for heat and water meter, vent valves and drain valves.

The Regudis W-HTE stations are designed for unmixed heating circuits and can also be used for mixed heating circuits with an optional flow temperature control module. The range of functions can also be extended in a modular way using extension modules. The stations are characterized by high draw-off capacities at low excess temperatures, are optimised in terms of pressure loss and offer a conclusive insulation concept.