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Two- and three-way valves

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Temperature controllers

Connection thread M 30 x 1.5. Application: Water, maximum sensor temperature 30 K above the setpoint. For industrial systems, water heaters, air heaters, heating cabinets, dishwashers, surface heating, etc. The setting range can be limited and blocked.
For flow temperature limitation in surface heating systems, a Combi LR throttle valve is additionally required (see section “Room climate”).

Selection Combi LR:

  • up to 85 m²: DN 15 three-way valve and DN 20 Combi LR
  • up to 115 m²: DN 20 three-way valve and DN 25 Combi LR

Two-/three-way valves with flanges

Two-way valve for use in central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits.
DN 15 to DN 50: metal to metal seal between cone and seat, DN 65 to DN 150: soft sealing with EPDM seal beween cone and seat. The centre spigot is closed with a blind flange. The valve can be used as a three-way valve (mixing and diverting) when the blind flange is removed.