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Room thermostats

ClimaCon F Room thermostats for surface heating

The ClimaCon F room thermostats are used to control the temperature of surface heating and cooling systems as well as heating and cooling ceilings. Depending on the room thermostat, switching between heating and cooling is possible.

The simple surface-mounted installation and quick configuration make the product very installer-friendly.
Depending on the model, there are room thermostats with reduced display, with integrated time switch and setting options via app.

ClimaCon F - Accessories

Room thermostats heating, flush mounting

The flush-mounted electric room thermostat is required in conjunction with the Aktor T 2P thermal actuators (on/off) for individual room temperature control.

Heating: Use thermal actuators (on/off) “normally closed”. Temperature setback possible via external time switch.

Cooling:  Use thermal acutators (on/off) “normally open”.

Temperature range between 5 and 30 °C. Setpoint range can be limited by concealed locking clips.

Room thermostats heating/cooling

Room thermostats are used in conjunction with motorized or thermal actuators for individual room temperature control in heating and cooling systems. This room thermostat can also be used in three- or four-pipe systems and has an adjustable neutral zone between heating and cooling stage. The temperature is set at the room thermostat.

Connecting blocks

The connecting block is used for wiring individual room controls and is used for surface heating and cooling control. With the connecting block, a simple assignment of the individual rooms or heating circuits can be carried out centrally. Depending on the variant, up to 10 zones for heating and cooling systems with up to 18 actuators and 10 room thermostats can be connected to the connecting block. In addition, further components, such as a pump, a change-over signal transmitter, a temperature limiter or dew point sensor can be wired.


Thermal and motorised actuators are used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The actuators can be used for room temperature control or as zone valves.
Oventrop offers actuators in the variants “normally closed” and “normally open”.
All thermal actuators are protected against overvoltage, a varistor is not required.

Oventrop offers motorized actuators with and without communication interfaces.

Actuators - Accessories

wibutler Smart Home system

The Smart Home sector includes the networking of several trades within individual dwellings or detached houses. By means of a gateway, various components can be integrated into the Smart Home system and controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC. By connecting the gateway to a commercially available router, remote access is easily possible while on the move.

The intelligent wibutler pro 2 gateway is the heart of the smart home. In addition to surface heating and radiators, other systems such as lighting and shading can also be integrated.

R-Tronic System for individual room temperature control

The R-Tronic wireless thermostats with closed radio communication ( proprietary) are used in stand-alone operation in connection with wireless actuators to control radiators or in connection with a multi-channel wireless receiver to control surface heating systems.

The temperature setting as well as the storage of time programmes is carried out at the wireless thermostat. Depending on the model, an additional measurement of the relative humidity in % is possible.

Power is supplied by batteries or a power supply unit (100 - 240 V). For the battery-operated models, power supply via the mains is possible as an alternative.

In battery operation, up to 3 participants can be taught in, in mains operation, up to 8 participants can be taught in. In mains operation it is also possible to teach in window contacts.

R-Tronic - Accessories