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Unidis Connection without manifold for surface heating

Unidis is a surface heating system with decentralised distribution. The supply and return pipes are laid directly on the bare floor, so that no manifold is required. Surface heating systems have long been standard in new housing construction. They offer a high level of comfort and increased living quality. At the same time, surface heating systems save energy and costs. An essential component of the Unidis surface heating system is the Unibox E BV featuring a patented integrated bypass that can be individually adjusted for each room.
Advantages of the system are:
- no laying bottlenecks due to the supply pipes from the central distributor to the individual rooms
- no uncontrolled heat dissipation due to supply and return pipes
- hallways larger than 6 m² have their own thermostatically controlled heating circuit
- increased sound insulation
- savings potential of up to 9% in combination with the Unibox E BV