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Regumaq X-45 Fresh water stations

The Regumaq X-45 fresh water station is an electronically controlled product assembly with heat exchanger for the hygienic heating of potable water according to the continuous flow principle for connection to a buffer storage cylinder. Depending on the temperature and the volume flow on the potable water side, the circulation pump on the heating side is speed controlled. When selecting the fresh water station, it is necessary to consider the water quality of the application area. 

The stations consist of a plate heat exchanger, a controller with touch control panel, a circulation pump, a backflow preventer, a volume flow sensor, a safety valve, temperature sensors, fill and drain ball valves and ball valves.

The compact stations are characterised by high draw-off capacities at low excess temperatures. The control technology is particularly fast and precise due to turbine sensor technology and LIN pump technology. With intuitive touch control panel for setting extensive functions such as circulation (continuous operation, timer, thermal or on demand), return water stratification or heat demand.