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R-Tronic RTF B Wireless thermostat (EnOcean)
for smart home applications, with humidity sensor, battery operated

The R-Tronic wireless thermostat with open radio communication according to EnOcean standard can be integrated directly into a Smart Home system (e.g. wibutler).
The R-Tronic wireless thermostat is used to control radiators with the mote 420 wireless actuator or surface heating systems with the R-Con multi-channel wireless receiver.
If the wireless thermostat is operated in combination with a Smart Home system, the temperature is set on the wireles thermostat or in the app. Time programmes are only stored in the app of the Smart Home system. If the wireless thermostats are operated without a Smart Home gateway, both the temperature and the time programmes are set on the wireless thermostat. Additionally, the measurement of the relative humidity in % is possible.

Hydronic balancing in detached and semi-detached houses can be easily carried out with the help of the wibutler gateway and the mote 420 wireless actuator in combination with Q-Tech thermostatic valves.
Also in combiation with the wibutler gateway, it is possible to assign a freely definable function to the + and - buttons on the wireless thermostat. For example, fans can be controlled in stages or the light can be switched on and off.

The unit is mounted on the wall (surface mounted) and the power supply is provided by the batteries supplied. Alternatively it is possible to supply the unit with voltage via an external flush-mounted or plug-in power supply unit (230 V).

Range: 0 °C to 50 °C°C
Item no.: 1150781
EAN: 4026755449709
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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