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Stations for surface heating systems

Regufloor Control stations for surface heating

The Regufloor control stations are used for flow temperature control for surface heating and cooling systems (Regufloor HC). In this way, the maximum/minimum permissible flow temperature for surface heating and cooling systems can be maintained. The flow temperature is controlled either by an electronic control in conjunction with an actuator (e.g. weather-compensated) or by a fixed value control via a temperature controller with contact sensor (only for surface heating). Stations are available as directly operated variants as well as with system separation.

All stations are delivered pre-assembled and tested.

Regufloor - Accessories and spare parts

Control sets for surface heating

The control sets for surface heating are used to control the flow temperature of a surface heating system, e.g. for combined radiator and surface heating systems. The desired flow temperature is set at the temperature controller. The safety temperature monitor switches off the circulation pump as soon as the set value is exceeded due to a malfunction. The bypass valve is used to regulate the volume flow of the surface heating circuit. The control set is available for floor areas up to 85 m², 120 m² and 200 m². Advantages of the control set: all components from only one supplier, uniform warranty, coordinated components, simple installation, flow temperature infinitely adjustable between 20 °C - 50 °C,  temperature setting can be limited and blocked as desired and connection possibility to all common surface heating pipes. The control set consists of a straight valve, a bypass valve, a temperature controller with contact sensor and a safety temperature monitor.