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DynaTemp CS-BS for networking of stations for heat generator/heating circuit and solar thermal energy

The Datalog CS-BS read out the controllers of stations for solar heat generation, for fresh water heating or for different heating circuits via a bus technology. Up to 6 bus-compatible controllers can be connected to the Datalog CS-BS-6. Data from the different controllers are read in by the Datalog CS-BS data logger in order to store and visualise operating states, temperatures and volume flows as well as energy data, even over a longer period of time. From this, new setting parameters for the controllers can be determined in order to improve the operating behaviour of the entire system, which includes the storage cylinder and the boiler, or to carry out error diagnoses. The integrated web interface allows access to the system using a standard web browser.

The Datalog CS-BS-6 also has a BACNetIP interface to integrate the connected controllers into a building automation system. The Regtronic KM TCP communication module is available for customers who want to integrate controllers into their system via Modbus TCP.