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FloorCon F 200 Electrical connecting block with automatic hydronic balancing for surface heating and cooling
without channel allocation, connection of up to 8 room thermostats / 12 actuators, 230 V

Control and connecting block for adaptive, hydronic balancing and electrical wiring of surface heating systems.
Adaptive hydronic balancing means that the FloorCon automatically carries out hydronic balancing, permanently monitors it and optimises it if required. Manual adjustment on the FloorCon or on the valve inserts of the heating circuit manifold is not necessary.
Furthermore, adaptive flow temperature control can be carried out with the Aktor VLT actuator available as an accessory, provided that the Regudis W-HTE dwelling station with flow temperature control module is used.
Wiring of the room thermostats with the heating circuits can be carried out centrally at the FloorCon. Up to 12 actuators and 8 room thermostats can be connected. In addition, further components such as a pump, a change-over contact, a safety temperature limiter or a dew point monitor can be connected. 
In case of refurbishment, existing room thermostats can often be re-used. Existing heating circuit manifolds can also be re-used as long as they are compatible with the Oventrop Aktor T actuator.

  • Adaptive hydronic balancing
  • Connection of up to 8 room thermostats to up to 12 heating circuits or actuators
  • Up to two groups with own time progamme
  • Change-over for switching between heating and cooling mode can be connected
  • Connection for pump, safety temperature limiter and dew point monitor
  • Potential free contact
  • Optional adaptive flow temperature control
Art.No.: 1400984
EAN: 4026755482003
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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