Reguleerventiil „Cocon QFC“, mõõteotstega
flantsühendus, DN 65, 5 - 20 m³/h, PN 25

OVENTROP-"Cocon QFC" Pressure independent control valve (PICV)

Valve combination consisting of a flow regulator working automatically (with manually adjustable setting of nominal value) and a regulating valve.

For hydronic balancing and for temperature control of appliances or sections of the system in chilled ceiling, Fan-Coil, convector, central heating or underfloor heating systems.

Technical data: max. operating temperature ts: 120 °C min. operating temperature ts: -10 °C max. operating pressure ps: 16 bar (1600 kPa)

Materjal: Hallmalm

oven@Regelbereich QTZ: 5,0 - 20,0 m³/h
DN: DN 65

oven@Differenzdruck: 4 bar
max. töörõhk: 25 bar
min. töötemperatuur: -10 °C
max. töötemperatuur: 120 °C

Item no.: 1146651
EAN: 4026755411744
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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323 mm 207 mm 410 mm 25,27 kg
Artikkel Kogus Pikkus Laius Kõrgus Kaal
Kartong 1 420 mm 273 mm 555 mm 26,67 kg
Oventrop Aktor M ST 3PL (english)

Manual - Oventrop Electromotive actuator "Aktor M" "ST/3P L", 24 V, for "Cocon QTR/QFC", with adapter

Oventrop "Cocon Q" - Automatischer Hydraulischer Abgleich (deutsch)

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