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Robinet thermostatique AV 9, droit
DN 15, raccordement à sertir

AV 9 thermostatic valve
for manual hydronic balancing

For use in two pipe central heating systems with forced circulation.

With externally readable infinitely adjustable presetting.

Presetting can be changed under system pressure by means of operating tool or 13 mm open-end spanner. Valve insert can be replaced without draining the system.

Body made of nickel plated brass, spindle made of stainless steel. Connection for threaded or compression connection. Tested and approved according to EN 215.

All AV 9 thermostatic valves have a white protection cap with 3 frontal lugs.

Thermostat connection thread: M 30 x 1.5

Matériel: Laiton
Surface: Nickelé
Valeur-kvs: 1
Modèle: Filetage femelle / Filetage mâle
Réf.: 1183875
Fabricant: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Sous réserve de modifications techniques.
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