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Raccord union de radiateur «Combi LR»
DN 20, PN 10, té de réglage, laiton, nickelé

"Combi LR"

Radiator lockshield valve with proportional presetting for use in hot water central heating systems and chilled water circuits.

Made of brass. Body nickel plated. Valve disc made of brass with EPDM O-ring seal. Brass protection cap with additional soft seal.

Lengths according to EN 215 for threaded connections.

Radiator lockshield valve with higher kvs value, especially for one pipe heating systems.

Matériel: Laiton
Surface: Nickelé
Valeur-kvs: 2,4
Plage: 2 à 120 °C°C
Diamètre: DN 20
Réf.: 1027666
EAN: 4026755192834
Fabricant: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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