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Enregistreur de données "CS-BS-1"
pour l'enregistrement et la lecture des données d'un seul régulateur

Data logger "CS-BS-1"

For data collection and reading of controller data (1 controller). A system visualization is possible via the Oventrop portal. The following controllers can be connected to the data logger "CS-BS-1":

„Regtronic RC“ „Regtronic RC-P“ „Regtronic RX“ „Regtronic RQ“ „Regtronic RH“ „Regtronic RM“ „Regtronic RS“ (Regucor)

Parameterization and reading of the controller data via an integrated web interface. The registered data (e.g. temperature, flow rate, output status, operating status) can be transmitted by the data logger to a PC, mobile displays or the centralised building control system (CBC) via a standardized interface "BACnet IP".

Parameterization of 1 controller. Suitable for wall attachment.

Réf.: 1159096
EAN: 4026755417616
Fabricant: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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