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Tube multi-couches «Copipe HS»
PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xb, 20 x 2,5 mm, en barres de 5 m

Composition pipe "Copipe"

Diffusion tight three-layered composition pipe. Inner layer made of crosslinked polyethylene. Aluminium pipe welded end to end. Outer layer made of crosslinked polyethylene. Layers bonded by special agent.

Dimension 20 x 2.5 mm, DVGW approved

Application: Central heating systems with circulation pump, 10 bar, 95 °C, surface heating systems and sanitary installation PN 16 (20 °C). In rods of 5 m. Packing unit: 13 rods

Diamètre: DN 15
Réf.: 1501560
EAN: 4026755135091
Fabricant: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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