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Groupe de sécurité pour chaudières MSM-Block
DN 25, soupape de sécurité à membrane 3,0 bar, isolation thermique, filetage femelle Rp 1

Boiler safety device "MSM-Block"

for closed heating systems according to DIN EN 12828 with a capacity up to 50 kW/h. With insulation for heat generator, consisting of:

-Brass body with pressure gauge and automatic shut-off -Airvent with automatic shut-off and typetested diaphragm safety valve 3.0 bar made of brass -Heating pressure gauge G ⅜, diameter 63 mm with green flag and red line mark -Automatic shut-off for tight isolation during removal of the heating pressure gauge -Airvent made of brass with plastic float -Inner parts made of stainless steel and automatic shut-off for tight isolation during removal of the airvent -Rp ½ connection thread with self sealing Teflon ring

Diamètre: 1 Zoll (25)
Réf.: 1351062
Fabricant: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Sous réserve de modifications techniques.
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