Kompenzirajuca spojnica, ravno zaptivka  TO BE DISCONTINUED
79 mm DN20 - 3/4"

OVENTROP-Kompenzirajuca spojnica, ravno zaptivka 79 mm DN20 - 3/4"

oven@DN: DN 20

Item no.: 1019196
EAN: 4026755118568
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Dimensions of article
Length Width Height Weight
82 mm 40 mm 37 mm 0,19 kg
Packing units
Type Količina Length Width Height Weight
Bag 1 85 mm 40 mm 40 mm 0,19 kg
Carton 25 180 mm 180 mm 150 mm 4,8 kg
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Technical data
Manufacturer declaration
ETIM 7.0 EC010048
Accessories/spare parts for radiator fittings
Property Value
With screw
Type of fastening Screw mounting
Radiator stop valve accessories Other
Lower connecting block accessories Other
Radiator thermostat button accessories Other
Radiator foot valve accessories Other
Connecting material accessories Extended tailpiece
Length of extended tailpiece 79 mm
Accessories radiator coupling Other