Izolacija za "Hycocon" ventil
dodatak za 1061771 kod sus. hladenja, DN15

OVENTROP-Insulation shells for "Hycocon" additionally required for cooling systems

Not suitable for item no. 1068667 and "Hycocon DTZ". For "Hycovon ETZ/HTZ" only suitable in combination with item no. 1061771-75. Building material class B1 according to DIN 4102.

Cold insulation: Min. fluid temperature -6 °C, the insulation shells have to be bonded hermetically (restricted diffusion tightness at low fluid temperatures and at high ambient temperature and/or humidity).

DN: DN 15

oven@MinTemp: -10 °C
oven@MaxTemp: 120 °C

Item no.: 1061781
EAN: 4026755250541
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Dimensions of article
Length Width Height Weight
161 mm 65 mm 98 mm 0,11 kg
Packing units
Type Količina Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 161 mm 65 mm 98 mm 0,11 kg
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ETIM 7.0 EC011656
Accessories/spare parts for regulating valve
Property Value
Type of accessory/spare part Insulation tray
Material Other