Radijatorska prigusnica "Combi 2"  NO LONGER PRODUCED
ravna, lem nastavci, DN10-3/8"x12mm

OVENTROP-Radiajtorska prigusnica "Combi 2" kutna, lem nastavci, DN10-3/8"x12mm

oven@Material: Crveni lijev / mjed
Površina: neobrađeno

kvs: 1.7

Nazivni tlak: 10 bar
oven@MaxTemp: 120 °C

Item no.: 1091351
EAN: 4026755130607
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Dimensions of article
Length Width Height Weight
80 mm 55 mm 30 mm 0,18 kg
Packing units
Type Količina Length Width Height Weight
Bag 1 80 mm 55 mm 30 mm 0,18 kg
Carton 25 180 mm 175 mm 150 mm 4,54 kg

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ETIM 7.0 EC010866
Radiator foot valve
Property Value
Surface protection Untreated
Operation Allen
Right-angled model
With compression set
With drain
Size of radiator connection 3/8 inch (10)
Shortened construction length
Reverse direction of flow
Housing material Bronze
Kvs value 1.7